Affordable Tampa Lie Detection and Polygraph Service


When you have doubts about someone telling you the truth, a lot of emotions can be stirred up for both parties. The good news is there is a place to go to find the truth. We specialize in relationship, criminal, and business lie detection. In less than 2 hours we can find out if someone is lying or telling the truth about a specific yes or no question. Don't torture yourself any longer, find the truth and make the appropriate changes in your relationship or business is necessary.


Our testing facility uses state-of-the-art computerized polygraph machines that monitor breathing, sweat, heart rate, and voice stress. This give us a 90%-95% accuracy in determining truth or deceit. All of our polygraph operators have years of experience and have performed hundreds of lie detection tests. Experience is one of the most important factors in getting an accurate answer. And we strive for perfection in every test.



Relationship Lie Detector - Cheating, Affairs, Money Questions, Gambling, Addiction


Questioning the person closest to you can be very uncomfortable for both people. On the one hand you have the person that is questioning something, and on the other hand you have the person that is claiming to be telling the truth. When there is a serious question, that can change the course of both parties lives, you need to make sure you are getting the most accurate answer possible. On top of that, the test needs to be performed in a manner that doesn't leave room for error.

All of our Polygraph examiners have performed hundereds to thousands of tests and are trained in counter measures, which is important because there are companies dedicated to offering ways to beat a Polygraph test.


About the test: In most cases we suggest the test be done in private at one of our convienent locations or we come to your home or place of business. We recommend the test be performed one-on-one, but if you have concerns about what is said before, during, and after the test, we do allow the test to be recorded if everyone consents.

The Polygraph starts with equipment setup and hooking the test equipment up to the test taker. The examiner will then ask a series of baseline questions, followed by the questions you need answered. The questioning phase is performed a total of three times, after the third round of questioning is performed the examiner will analyze the answers and meet with both parties to discuss the results. Our testing equiment has an accuracy of 90%-95%.


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